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Jeep Wrangler update

Posted by Rick Miller on November 2, 2010 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

So, last night I was driving the Jeep and think I found a weak spot in the rear end. By weak spot I mean the loud "POP" I heard while pulling off from a stop light. This was followed by some popping and clunking while turning and sometimes under throttle. I also noticed one of the tires dragging while turning. This only adds to the syncros wearing in the trans, leaky rear main seal, and heavy vibration above 65mph. Starting this week, I'm going to pull the drive train from the transmission back and replace the rear main seal, rebuild the trans, check the transfer case for leaks, replace the U-joints and rebalance the drive shaft, get the wheels balanced, and find out what the hell "popped." Should be fun and lots of pics to come.


So it looks like the spider gears are trashed. There are no replacements for these spider gears so I had to order a new carrier. Its in now just have to install it. Working on a 74 vette at the moment.

Rebuilt the rear and sent it packin back up to GA. Runs great and looks fantastic!

Jeep is back down. Took out the transmission and rebuilt it. Now it is just waiting for me to have time to put it back in.